The Artwork of Rohrbach Library

by Sarah Berry

Throughout the year the Rohrbach Library hosts numerous art exhibits. Curated by Rhonda York, the displays often contain work by KU students, faculty, and staff. Continue reading to learn more about each exhibit.


A map of the nine exhibits in Rohrbach Library

Main Floor Exhibits

  • “A Beautiful World by Robert Radin”

"A Beautiful World by Robert Radin"

  • Location: Main Floor behind the Information Desk.
  • “A Beautiful World by Robert Radin” features 89 portraits by photographer Robert Radin. Displayed for a year, the photos document Radin’s journey across the world.


  • Book and Brew Gallery

Book and Brew Gallery

  • Location: Main Floor across from Book and Brew
  • The Book and Brew Gallery is currently displaying Shannon McCarthy’s graphic novel adaptation of “Draußen Vor Der Tür” or “The Man Outside.” The German play focuses on the return of a Russian soldier post-World War II.


  • “Hawk Mountain Sanctuary”


  • Location: Main Floor by the front doors.
  • Provided by Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, this exhibit provides information on the non-profit organization’s work in raptor conservation.


  • “Illustration Showcase”


  • Location: Main Floor by the Rohrbach Library’s SeaCow
  • The “Illustration Showcase” displays the work of Communication Design students. Illustrations include depictions of Walter White from “Breaking Bad” and Dana Sculley from “The X-Files.”


  • “Traveling the Camino del Norte”


  • Location: Main Floor by Book and Brew
  • This exhibit highlights the 500-mile journey taken by KU librarian Dan Stafford in 2016.


  • “Zine Library”


  • Location: Main Floor across from Book and Brew
  • The “Zine Display” contains zines from the KU student business Brain Bug Magazine and from KU faculty, like Dr. Kevin McCloskey. As well, the display showcases zines from across the country.


Second Floor Exhibits

  • “KU Presents!”


  • Location: Second Floor on the left-side of the building
  • The “KU Presents!” provides information for upcoming performances at Schaeffer Auditorium.


  • “SteamWorks”


  • Location: Second Floor on the left-side of the building
  • “SteamWorks” demonstrates the various products that can be made through SteamWorks (located on the lower floor of Rohrbach Library) and the different workshops available to students.


  • “The Works of Gladys Lutz”


  • Location: Second Floor across from stairwell
  • Provided by the PA German Cultural Heritage Center, “The Works of Gladys Lutz”features needlework from Gladys Lutz.

For more information about our exhibits, contact Rhonda York at

“Plum Prints” added to EBSCOhost databases

by Sarah Berry

Recent users of EBSCOhost databases may have noticed a new addition to their search results – a so-called “Plum Print.”


Plum Prints are displayed in search results, allowing users to compare and contrast resources.


A close-up of the analytical information provided by the Plum Print

Developed by Plum Analytics these prints are icons that provide valuable viewing information to users, such as the number of views, shares, or cross references of the book or article. As a result, viewers are able to visualize the impact or use of a specific resource in the academic world.

To learn more about Plum Prints check out these Plum Analytics articles: “The Plum Print: Coming to a Result List Near You,” “See the Plum Print Altmetrics…In More than Just Articles,” and “Visualizing Impact: The Plum Print.” 

Discovery Education provides a series of spooky lesson plans for Halloween

by Sarah Berry

Discovery Education, a database of the Rohrbach Library aimed towards education majors, has compiled a list of available resources for lessons on Halloween.

“Scare Up Some Learning This Halloween,” includes a variety of secondary and elementary resources, from audiobooks and videos to entire content collections. Content collections include lesson starters and complementary resources for teaching elementary, middle, and high school students.


Users can easily add a resource collection to a personal content list, a classroom, a student, or to their personal builder for lesson plans, quizzes, and more.

Note, accessing these collections through Discovery Education’s blog will require login information. To utilize Discovery Education, visit KU students, faculty, and staff should select “Login” and then “Passcode/Create New User” to enter KU’s eight-character passcode, 8727-6ee3.

Afterwards, you will be asked to create a personal username and password and then login with those credentials. Once logged in, you will be free to explore the site and take advantage of all of its offerings.

So head on over to Discovery Education and scare up some learning!

Movie Monday: Soaked in Bleach – The Death of Kurt Cobain

by Sarah Berry

Kanopy, a streaming video database of the Rohrbach Library, offers a slew of films, such as “Soaked in Bleach” to students.

“Soaked in Bleach” is a documentary that provides a new perspective on the death of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain through Tom Grant, a private investigator (and former detective) who was hired by Cobain’s wife, Courtney Love, days before Cobain’s death.

During his investigation, Grant’s experience with Love and his analysis of evidence led him to conclude that a substantial amount of empirical and circumstantial evidence suggested that Cobain’s death was not a suicide, as ruled by police, but instead involved foul play.

Featuring interviews with key witnesses and experts, “Soaked in Bleach” is worth watching. As well, the documentary includes cinematic re-creations, developing the film into what Kanopy calls a, “narrative mystery.”

Viewers can watch”Soaked in Bleach” by clicking here. If you are accessing Kanopy or any of the library’s databases off-campus, check out our post, Accessing Library Resources Off-Campus.

#Throwback Thursday: Love Your Body Day

by Sarah Berry

Seven years ago today, the KU Women’s Center hosted a variety of events in celebration of Love Your Body Day.

This year the center celebrated the event on October 13 and hosted speaker Lindy West, author of “Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman,” in the Schaeffer Auditorium.


For more information of the 2009 event, continue reading below.

The More You Know...

The KU Women’s Center invites you to celebrate National Love Your Body Day today, Tuesday, October 20, from 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. in the Student Union Building’s Multipurpose Room.

Organized by the National Organization for Women (NOW), Love Your Body Day is a day for women to accept and love themselves for who they are. In this day and age of the media showing us women with bodies that are impossible for us to ever attain, either because they are entirely too thin or Photoshopped to remove imperfections, it is important for us to take a step back to be happy with ourselves, and to enjoy that fact that women come in all kinds of beautiful shapes and sizes.

Although this day is geared toward women, it’s important for men to come out and support the women in their lives. Men can also take away a lesson in how to learn…

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#Throwback Thursday: Rohrbach Library hosts ASARO Artwork

by Sarah Berry

Back in October 2007, the library displayed the artwork of ASARO, the Assembly of Revolutionary Artists of Oaxaca. The group used artwork as a way to respond to the political turmoil in Mexico.

Continue reading for more information on the organization.

The More You Know...

ASARO, the Assembly of Revolutionary Artists of Oaxaca, is a collective of young Mexican artists responding to Oaxaca’s current political turmoil. ASARO’s remarkable woodblock prints are part of Mexico’s long tradition of popular revolutionary art. The artists sell woodblock prints for 100 pesos, roughly $10, in Oaxaca’s public square. ASARO’s real passion, however, is the work they give away. Overnight they cut paper stencils of an arrested comrade, the next morning her portrait is sprayed all over the walls of the historic city center. They print 3ft. tall woodblock prints of goose-stepping police monsters on tissue paper. By dawn a chorus line of these mutant police is pasted on the cathedral’s wall. Seldom seen in the United States, a selection of ASARO’s best artwork will be displayed at Kutztown University’s Rohrbach Library this fall.

Celebrate with us at an opening reception on Thursday, October 25, 2007 at 4:30 PM. Prof…

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Britannica Original Sources added to Rohrbach Library!

by Sarah Berry

If you missed the free trial of Britannica Original Sources, the Rohrbach Library has good news for you!

The database has now been added to the library’s suite of research resources. Now students and faculty can access over 420,000 primary source documents, books, and images.

Check out Britannica Original Sources now by clicking here. If you are accessing Britannica Original Sources or another database off-campus, check out our Accessing Library Resources Off-Campus post for more information.

The More You Know...

by Sarah Berry

Take advantage of the Rohrbach Library’s month-long trial of Britannica’s Original Sources Database. Starting September 1, KU students and faculty can access the multitude of primary source documents available on the electronic database, which include works by classic authors, such as Jane Austen and Frederick Douglass, as well as the journals of explorers, like Christopher Columbus. Additional resources include documents pertaining to a variety of topics and events, including the Affordable Health Care Act, the Viking invasions, the Civil Rights Movement, and more.

To take advantage of this trial, head to and enter the following (all lowercase): Username: backto    Password: school

Britannica Original Sources

Remember, this trial is only available from September 1, 2016 through September 30, 2016. Don’t miss out!

Note, Britannica’s Original Sources database can be found and accessed through the library’s A-Z database list under “O.”

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