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The Presidential Pardon for Turkeys

by Sarah Berry

Considered the least favorite holiday of the year (for turkeys at least), for two turkeys the holiday is worth celebrating, thanks to a presidential pardon. Headed by the National Turkey Federation, two turkeys are selected for pardoning based on their appearance and temperament.

Afterwards, the birds reside on a farm for the remainder of the lives. Often though, the turkeys only live one to two years due to their breeding and care prior to being pardoned. For example, the diet of factory farm turkeys is designed to fatten them, which strains their organs and wears on their bone structure.

While organizations like PETA have voiced concern over these farming practices and White House ceremony, the National Turkey Federation has remained staunch in its support of the event.


Prior to the presidential turkey pardoning, turkeys were pitched by Benjamin Franklin to be the national bird of the United States.


Thus, President Obama will be pardoning the final two turkeys of his presidency this week, before the turkeys are moved to Virginia Tech where they will be chaperoned by a poultry immunologist from the college’s Agriculture and Life Sciences Department.

To learn more about the presidential turkey pardon, check out the links below:


“Eclectic little libraries” pop up in Reading PA!

Some of us in Rohrbach have fond memories of the time Daniel Egusquiza and his crew transformed the library into an ecstatic scene of salsa, bachata, and hip-hop dance, and now that energetic genius is busy converting the summer sidewalks of Reading into libraries:

Eclectic little libraries, created from containers of all shapes and sizes donated by Goodwill Keystone Area and decorated with original designs by children from the Art Lab at Albright College, these little libraries will hold a variety of children’s and adult books. The children’s selections will include books donated by Taylor Swift…

(Exciting ‘Little Book Swaps’ Appearing Throughout the City, BCTV)

Daniel Egusquiza looks out the window and envisions a better futureSee, the supermultitalented Daniel earlier this year became an ace outreach coordinator at Reading Public Library. An artist at everything he does, this guy’s beautiful spirit is in the right place at the right time.

Daniel says that art is solving problems. Learn what he means by that

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