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“Eclectic little libraries” pop up in Reading PA!

Some of us in Rohrbach have fond memories of the time Daniel Egusquiza and his crew transformed the library into an ecstatic scene of salsa, bachata, and hip-hop dance, and now that energetic genius is busy converting the summer sidewalks of Reading into libraries:

Eclectic little libraries, created from containers of all shapes and sizes donated by Goodwill Keystone Area and decorated with original designs by children from the Art Lab at Albright College, these little libraries will hold a variety of children’s and adult books. The children’s selections will include books donated by Taylor Swift…

(Exciting ‘Little Book Swaps’ Appearing Throughout the City, BCTV)

Daniel Egusquiza looks out the window and envisions a better futureSee, the supermultitalented Daniel earlier this year became an ace outreach coordinator at Reading Public Library. An artist at everything he does, this guy’s beautiful spirit is in the right place at the right time.

Daniel says that art is solving problems. Learn what he means by that


Insights from the Intern: Reference Collection Treasures

By: Megan Neely

Question: How many times have you used the Reference Section?

I asked this question to ten students hanging out in the Curriculum Materials Center this week, and I was not entirely surprised by their answers. Some of them said that they only use the Library’s online databases for their research or that they didn’t think the section would have anything for them.

It’s quite the contrary people!

Lately I have been poking around in the Reference Section, and I have been stumbling across so many amazing finds! Within the four rows of shelving on the main floor of the Rohrbach Library exists so many useful materials that are perfect for research papers and other homework assignments. If you’re interested in History, you could check out the series Great Lives from History: American Women for biographical information about significant women in history or Speeches of the American Presidents for a comprehensive look at over two hundred of the most important speeches from our nation’s presidents. Aspiring environmentalists should check out World at Risk: a Global Issues sourcebook to learn more about prominent issues facing our planet.

There are plenty of options for obscure tastes and assignments too. For the Comic-Book buff, there’s The Superhero Book; which is the ultimate encyclopedia of all Comic-Book characters. Literature lovers can turn to Twentieth Century Crime and Mystery Writers for information about these writers. Even Run DMC fans can find information about their favorite artist by looking in the Encyclopedia of Hip Hop.

The Reference Collection has something for everyone and every assignment. To assist your search, ads are being displayed this month to highlight interesting texts atop each bookshelf. So next time you’re in the library, take a minute to peruse the Reference Section. You will definitely be amazed by what you find.


 Blog 005By: Megan Neely

Construction in RL 26 has begun outside of the Library Science Collection (the Children’s Literature section). The change is going to bring in The Center for Academic Success and Achievement (C.A.S.A) and expand the seating for the Tutoring Center.  To make room for the renovation, the Biography section was moved to the Maps section earlier this semester. Fiction will also soon be moved to the tall shelves in the Maps section. The Children’s Literature section will then be condensed onto taller shelves.

Any further updates will be posted to the blog as they arrive.
Blog 004


As always if you need help
locating any materials,
a librarian is always
available to help!

Art @ Rohrbach–Medula Negra: Small Prints from Xalapa

The two printers on the street outside their Xalapa studio

Javier Arjona and Sebastian Fund

The Médula Negra exhibit, curated by Prof. Kevin McCloskey, will take place from September 15-October 15 at the Voices and Choices Gallery on the second floor of the Rohrbach Library.

EXHIBIT RECEPTION: Join us for a reception on Monday September 16th at 3pm to talk with Prof. McCloskey about his visit to Xalapa this summer when he met the artists and gathered the prints.

ABOUT THE EXHIBIT: This will be Médula Negra’s first U.S exhibition. Medula Negra of Xalapa Mexico, is the studio of two young printmakers, Javier Arjona and Sebastian Fund. Prints in the exhibition include woodcuts from Arjona’s 2012 series Metal Para Sordos (Heavy Metal for the Deaf) and Fund’s current project Huellas Lejanas (Distant Footprints) which involves printing
with abandoned shoes he finds in the streets.

The exhibition is scheduled to run from Sept 15-Oct.15 to coincide with National Hispanic Heritage Month 2013.

For more information, please contact Prof. Kevin McCloskey (Communication Design Dept at KU): 610-683-4525.

Spectacular Sendakian G-doodle!

Maurice Sendak, beloved creator of some of your favorite books (including Where the Wild Things Are) would’ve turned 85 today. Google marks the date in high style with a truly sublime Doodle.

Lots more about Maurice Sendak, such as interviews and unforgettable appearances on Colbert) in Rohrbach Library’s guide.

You should also know that Sendak’s chosen repository, the Rosenbach Museum & Library in Philly (pron. ROSE-en-back) this year joined forces with the Free Library of Philadelphia.

Why not celebrate by coming in to check out a Sendak book? We’ve got dozens of them!

Gates of learning always wide open at RL (and we don’t send a bill)

Young Bill Gates

He’s a college dropout, but he has shelves & shelves of videos from the Teaching Company. So do we.

Bill Gates was on 60 Minutes last night. Halfway through this two-minute clip of the interview with the world’s wealthiest dropout, you can see him proudly showing off his video lectures from the Teaching Company.

Rohrbach librarian Stephanie Steely points out that we have more than 60 titles produced by the Teaching Company, too.  All but seven of them are DVDs.

Gates talks here about how he is inspired by the works of Leonardo da Vinci and why he watches Teaching Company lectures.

To see a list of those titles available for you to borrow from the Rohrbach Library, go to our online catalog and search on the phrase “teaching company” (include the quotes) or just click this link.

Little Free Libraries: 5,000 new libraries in four years

Picture of tiny streetside library

A little free library, and three little readers

Right, you’re still looking for a way to celebrate National Library Week. Here’s an idea: open your own dang library. If you get busy right now you can probably finish construction by the time NLW ends on Saturday night.

The national broadcasting company of Japan, NHK, a couple days ago aired this story from here in the U.S. about what’s absolutely the cutest craze ever to take the book-loving public by storm.

A Little Free Library looks kind of like a birdhouse where novels and biographies and children’s books are nesting. You come along, you browse. You take a book or two; you leave a book or two.
Map showing nearby site of a Little Free Library
The structure itself is an eminently DIY creation, one that thousands of people have installed on roadsides all across America and, yes, the world. The movement’s website offers plans and tips galore.

There are some of these libraries not far from here–one in Doylestown, for example–but what’s the closest one to Kutztown? Let us know if you find it. Or, better yet, build it yourself. And send us a picture!

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