Sail fer’ Rohrbach Library on Sept. 22nd!

by Sarah ‘Buccaneer’ Berry


Pirate image created by  Carlos Cara Alvarez

Avast me hearties! The Rohrbach Library’s doors will open fer’ th’ annual open house come this September 22, 2016. From 10 in the mornin’ till four in the afternoon they be ripe for plunderin’ – think of the treasure!

Their treasure chest be holdin’ tight to another GoPro Hero camera, amongst other prizes from the locals. But if ye’ lookin’ to grab it, ye’ best complete the Rohrbach Library crew’s orientation form fer’ their open house by September 26, 2016 at 4 p.m. And if yer’ not a student of that there university, then ye’ll be walkin’ the plank before ye’ get ahold of that chest.

They also be servin’ free pizza from TommyBoy’s and Camillo’s, startin’ at 11:30 in the mornin’ till 2:30 in the afternoon.

So if ye’ seeking treasure and fresh grub, then start raisin’ the standard and settin’ course fer’ Rohrbach Library. And if yer’ not, then ye’ can set to scrubbin’ the decks with the rest of the hands, ye’ scallywag.

Additional loot in the mighty chest includes:

If ye’ lookin’ fer’ more information or hath questions, ask the Captain and First Mate.

Capt. Dan Stafford:

First Mate Karen Wanamaker:

Pirate Captain image source:


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