EBSCOhost and You

by Sarah Berry

EBSCOhost is a familiar name to many college students; it is a go-to source when preparing papers or projects. However, it also has additional features that are often overlooked by users.

One particular feature is its Personal User Authentication service. Personal User Authentication allows students to bypass the library’s authentication process through their own EBSCOhost account. Thus, instead of going through the Rohrbach Library website, students can head directly to the database’s website, whether through a quick Google search for “ESBCOhost login” or through a saved bookmark for the site, and login with their personal account information.

Folder list

Users create a shared folder by selecting to share a Custom folder.

With an EBSCOhost account students can save reference material for future use. EBSCOhost organizes saved documents by file type, but also allows users to create custom folders, thereby organizing their documents by class or project.

Additionally, if working within a group, students can create shareable folders. Similar to sharing documents on Google Drive, shareable folders on EBSCOhost allow users to share and access database documents in the same location, cutting out unnecessary emailing or link pasting between parties.

An EBSCOhost account also allows students to save their search preferences, making for faster and more efficient search results. For example, users can check to have only “Full Text” or “Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals” in their results. As well, students can select various account preferences, such as their preferred citation style.

In short, the Personal User Authentication feature simplifies the process of gathering, citing, and sharing research by allowing individual accounts for a subscriber’s users.

To start reaping the benefits of an EBSCOhost account, click here (on-campus) and select “Sign In” on the top toolbar and then, “Create New Account.”

EBSCOhost account creation

The “Sign In” button to begin account creation can be found above the search field.

If accessing EBSCOhost off-campus, you will need to login first with your campus credentials or library barcode before creating an EBSCOhost account. For more information on accessing EBSCOhost and other databases off-campus, click here.


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