KU Conversations!

By Courtney Aaron

Good morning KU Students! Welcome to the first KU Conversations! Our first topic of conversation is Holocaust reparations. Here are a couple interesting sources that discuss the many complexities of how the Holocaust reparations were handled and how they are  still being handled today. Most of the links may require a current KU student login unless stated otherwise.


Image provided by San Diego air and Space Museum Archives

What do you know about Holocaust Reparations? This article from CQ Researcher will give you a great overview of the topic and provides a very fascinating testimony by a victim who survived the Holocaust but ran into trouble with the banks. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum also provides a very detailed explanation about the Luxemburg agreements and how the interest in Holocaust reparations rose in the 90’s. The website is accessible to anyone and also provides multiple book suggestions from their library on the various aspects of this issue, including Imperfect Justice: looted assets, slave labor, and the unfinished business of World War II by Stuart Eizenstat and Nazi gold : the full story of the fifty-year Swiss-Nazi conspiracy to steal billions from Europe’s Jews and Holocaust survivors by Tom Bower (both of which can be found in our library catalog). We also recommend Some Measure of Justice by Michael Robert Marrus.

For those of you who are interested in the law aspects


Image provided by California Injury Law (flickr)

of the Reparations here is a brief overview from ProQuest discussing the faults involved with the legal involvement and provides a historian perspective about the morality involved with the situation. A dual point of view for the moral aspects of the situation can be found in this section of a journal provided by EBSCOhost. Here is also a more in-depth look at the legacy and consequences of the topic within a section from Holocaust Justice: The Battle for Restitution in America’s Courts by Michael J. Bazyler. We can also provide an international point of view of the litigation involved with the reparations as well.

While slightly less of a discussed issue compared to the 90’s Holocaust reparations are currently still going on. One of the main driving forces defending Holocaust victims is the Claims Conference. An organization that works to help victim obtain what is legally theirs.

Do you think there could have been more done for Holocaust Reparations? Feel free to comment about the topic in the comments section here or at our Facebook page!



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