Try BrowZine: a NEW way to research through Rohrbach!

By Veronica Daub

News: The Rohrbach Library has just added BrowZine to its already extensive list of research resources. And, it’s going to change the way you look for online academic journals at Rohrbach!

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the abundance of information available online. At times, this information tsunami makes it difficult to pinpoint a solid BrowZineLogo-FINAL COLORtopic or journal source for research. The dreaded search-box asks you what you’re looking for, and in many cases, you don’t know just yet. BrowZine has brought research into the 21st century by providing academic journals and articles in a “bookshelf-view” that omits the search-box venue of research. In addition to bringing academics to the modern age, not only can users experience BrowZine on their computers, but also on their tablets and smart phones. (In fact, it started as an app!)

Video: Watch this video for a preview of how easy BrowZine is to use:

On Trial at KU: Kutztown University has a trial subscription to BrowZine (including off-campus access) until December 31st. Try it! If you like it, please let Bob Flatley know at If we get enough interest, BrowZine could become a game changer in how we access our online research journals at KU starting in the spring semester.

Using BrowZine: The shelves are organized by subject, making it easy for thumbing through academic journals. Users can dive in and find what they’re searching for through browsing, rather than beginning with a search.

For example, I chose earth and environmental sciences. The next page brought me to a large, alphabetical shelf-view list of journals that covered the wide range of topics that fall under environmental sciences, such as aquaculture, ground-water monitoring, and sedimentation. Selecting a journal will bring you to a page similar to this (click image for a full view):


Underneath the journal title on the left, you may select the year of publication, which will bring you to the respective list of volumes and issues. After selecting an issue, you will see a list of the journal’s content through different subheadings. Clicking on one will bring you to a document viewer that will provide both the abstract and full text.

BrowZine also has a “My Bookshelf” feature where you can file favorite articles and journals to view later, AND you can set it up to receive notifications when those journals are updated with new information. This way, BrowZine assures its users that they can stay on top of the constantly emerging information in their chosen field. BrowZine also makes sharing information as simple as a click; articles can be emailed, posted to Facebook or Twitter, or opened in other apps (when using a tablet) all through BrowZine.

Like it? Let us know!: We hope you like BrowZine. Again, please try it and get any feedback to Bob Flatley at


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