Who Ya Gonna Call? A Librarian!

Changes, Changes, Changes
Libraries are always in the state of change as we try to stay current with technology innovations and expanded or changes in resources. One of the biggest changes at the start of this school year at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania’s Rohrbach Library is the removal of the Reference Desk where librarians used to sit poised to answer questions.

Goodbye Desk and Hello Librarians On Call!
The library has adopted a more modern and efficient concept where students will go to the library’s “Information Desk” to ask questions or ask for a specific librarian.  If a student simply needs to know a call number for a specific book title or needs to locate a specific journal article by title, the workers at the desk will assist them. Any other research/resources questions that require the professional training of a librarian–such as how do I locate materials for an assignment or how can I search for articles on “x” topic–will be referred to the librarian on-call at that time.The hours for this service are: Sunday 2pm-8pm, Monday-Thursday 10am-8pm, and Friday 10am-4pm. Individual librarian hours vary, so there may be librarians around at other times to help students as well.

Librarian Liaisons to academic departments
Kutztown students and faculty are encouraged to look up and get to know the librarian assigned to their academic department. These librarians serve as experts for the library resources available for these majors/departments. For example, librarian Karen Wanamaker serves as the “librarian liaison” to the departments of elementary education, library science and instructional technology, secondary education, and special education. For the Department of Counseling and Student Affairs, Sylvia Pham is the assigned librarian. Below you will see an alphabetical list of each academic program and the librarian assigned to that department. Although the assigned librarian will have the most content knowledge and familiarity with the resources for his/her assigned departments, any of the librarians can answer questions and assist students and faculty with questions or research. The best way for a student to contact the librarian liaisons is probably through e-mail (listed below) unless the student is in the building and near one of the librarians’ offices.

KU professors should also feel free to contact the librarian assigned to their departments and should encourage students to get to know the librarians and ask for assistance. Besides answering questions and providing consultations for students, the librarians also provide Information Literacy Instruction for courses in their assigned departments in formats that can range from formal in-depth presentations to brief overviews to informal 5-minute introductions.

So, Who Ya Gonna Call? Contact your favorite librarian today!

Academic Program Librarian Liaison E-mail
Anthropology/Sociology Prof. Bruce Jensen rjensen@kutztown.edu
Art Education & Crafts Prof. Sue Czerny czerny@kutztown.edu
Biological Sciences Prof. Sue Czerny czerny@kutztown.edu
Business Administration Prof. Ruth Perkins perkins@kutztown.edu
Communication Design Prof. Sue Czerny czerny@kutztown.edu
Communication Studies Prof. Sue Czerny czerny@kutztown.edu
Computer Science/
Instructional Tech.
Prof. Michael Weber weber@kutztown.edu
Counseling/ Student Affairs Prof. Sylvia Pham spham@kutztown.edu
Criminal Justice Prof. Robert Flatley flatley@kutztown.edu
Electronic Media Prof. Bruce Jensen rjensen@kutztown.edu
Elementary Education Prof. Karen Wanamaker kwanamak@kutztown.edu
English Prof. Krista Prock prock@kutztown.edu
Fine Arts Prof. Sue Czerny czerny@kutztown.edu
Geography Prof. Sylvia Pham spham@kutztown.edu
History Prof. Robert Flatley flatley@kutztown.edu
Library Science/
Instructional Technology
Prof. Karen Wanamaker kwanamak@kutztown.edu
Mathematics Prof. Michael Weber weber@kutztown.edu
Modern Languages Prof. Michael Weber weber@kutztown.edu
Music Prof. Krista Prock prock@kutztown.edu
Philosophy/Religious Studies Prof. Bruce Jensen rjensen@kutztown.edu
Physical Sciences Prof. Michael Weber weber@kutztown.edu
Political Science/
Public Administration
Prof. Bruce Gottschall rjensen@kutztown.edu
Psychology Prof. Robert Flatley flatley@kutztown.edu
Secondary Education Prof. Karen Wanamaker kwanamak@kutztown.edu
Social Work Prof. Sylvia Pham spham@kutztown.edu
Special Education Prof. Karen Wanamaker kwanamak@kutztown.edu
Sport Management/
Prof. Ruth Perkins perkins@kutztown.edu

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