KU now has temporary access to new and innovative databases.

POV LogoBy Samuel Box

From now until the end of March, KU students and faculty will have access to several new innovative and interesting online databases through EBSCO and Data-Planet.

The first database is the Points of View Reference Center, where you can essentially receive a quick crash course in more than 370 political, social, and public issues and topics cataloged in 35 different categories. In a simple but comprehensive one-page summary, each topic is given:

  • Background Information
  • Definitions for some of the specific terms used in the discussion
  • The issue’s history and current status
  • Various opposing views on the subject
  • A bibliography of sources used for writing the paper, many of which are journals and books available for search on EBSCO

The POV Reference Center is perfect for political science students who are looking for the various sides of a certain argument, journalism students who need to write about a particular issue they’re not familiar with, or just anyone who wishes to educated themselves on every topic from flag burning, to the Arab Spring, to concussions in professional sports.

Issue Categories

Here are just some of the topics available at the POV Reference Center.

The other EBSCO databases we now have are each subject specific, with each featuring thousands of journals and hundreds of books. The new databases are:

  • America: History and Life with Full Text
  • Applied Science & Technology Source
  • Business Source Complete
  • Education Source
  • Historical Abstracts with Full Text

dataplanet-logo[1]The other two databases we now have access to come to us from Data-Planet. They are the Statistical Datasets and the Statistical Ready Reference. The Datasets provide a wide range of visual aides, including :

  • Charts
  • Graphs
  • Tables
  • Maps

The visuals feature more than 18.9 billion data points collected from over 70 source organizations. Types of data you can find include crude oil prices over time, salary statistics, sports statistics, and countless, countless others, each presented in an easy to understand visual figure. All of the data can be manipulated to show only certain stats and criteria that you require, and most charts can be presented in whatever type of graph suits you, such as line, pie, or bar graphs. The Ready Reference Database is essentially an easy method of navigating and searching through the various data graphs for a specific piece of information or study.

It’s important to note that the Data-Planet databases are only accessible on-campus. The POV Reference Center will be available till March 23rd, and the Data-Planet sources will be available until March 31st. Be sure to take full advantage of these extremely useful resources while KU still has access to them.


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