Nifty Films Friday!

by Dale Bond

Films on Demand is a resource provided to KU students by Rohrbach Library. Films on Demand has thousands of films for students to peruse, and is easily accessible on or off campus.

If on campus, simply head over to

If accessing off-campus, add to the beginning of the above link, or any Films on Demand link, and then log in using your KU username and password.

Films on Demand adds new films regularly. Below are a couple of the latest to be added.


The Future of Destiny: The Future of…

Future of


If you had a near-death experience once, you will remember it for the rest of your life. This film looks at research conducted in Geneva that supposes this is all a trick of the brain, testing their theory with a patient who has had several near-death experiences. The knowledge gained through these experiments can help people with chronic diseases and psychological traumas.


The Science of Staying Young: Unlocking the Secrets of Longevity

Staying Young


New research about how our brains work, about the diseases associated with old age, and about nutrition is leading scientists to redefine what it means to grow old. This program examines this research, looking at a study of a new way to prevent the onset of age-related dementia, the effects of the hormone DHEA on aging, and at therapy aimed at helping Alzheimer’s patients re-activate their memories.


Between Friends and Family

Between Friends


In 2008, Rick was in his first year of film school when his neighbors, Mel and Carey, asked if he would be willing to help them to start a family. He agreed, and after having some conversations and signing a contract, officially became their known donor. During the first pregnancy, Rick became interested in personal documentaries and asked Mel and Carey if they would be willing to let him make a film about their process of becoming mothers.


Raw Visions: Art of Survival

Raw Visions


Raw Visions: Art of Survival is a documentary based upon Survivors Art Foundation mission of healing through art. This compelling movie exhibits the artists’ creativity by exposing their most profound inner visions and truth. Raw Visions is both entertaining and educational.


Social Climbing: Who’s Aping Who?

Who's aping


How we choose and lose our mates has long been a subject of intense fascination. Close scrutiny of the ways we attract, keep, and even leave our loved ones reveals more similarities than differences to the behavior of the great apes. In this respect, life seems as difficult for these, our closest relatives, as it is for humans. The apes want to get on in life just as much as we do—and they’ll do almost anything to get ahead. This episode of Who’s Aping Who tells all.


Hidden Treasures of African Art

Hidden treasures


Program host Griff Rhys Jones continues his quest to understand non-Western art forms by travelling to West Africa. Looking beyond the astonishing monetary worth of antique carvings from the region, Jones asks: what makes a piece “authentic” and are such objects still produced by artists today? Is there an exact definition for what constitutes African art? Has there ever been? The investigation starts on Mali’s Bandiagara Escarpment, a hub of Dogon civilization, which invests certain carvings and sculptures with spiritual significance. Wondering if belief in the power of these objects can survive the march of modernity, Jones shifts his focus to Accra, the capital of Ghana. There he encounters further reasons to think of art in the context of time’s passage, as he learns more about invention and creativity on the continent that gave birth to the human species.


Dancing Girls: Life in China’s Fast Lane – China from Within

Dancing girls


Nightman is one of 187 nightclubs in Dalian, a city of 2.6 million people in northern China. Formerly the number one nightclub in the city, its success determines the fortunes of the dancers who work there. Wen Wen and Jiu Jiu are poorly-educated city girls who have been working the nightclub circuit in China since they were 16, usually in cramped, dark, smoky environments. Their battle with management over the introduction of harsher conditions and rival dancers is the theme of this program, and highlights the plight of many fighting for survival in the fast lane in modern China.


Effective Schools

Effective Schools


Educating children is easier when students are happy and motivated to learn. This video will show how to implement practical strategies like parental and student involvement in strategic planning, facilitating parental focus groups, developing student leadership, mediation programs, and developing strategies to eliminate bullying in order to bring everyone into the process. Educators will be able to focus on continuous improvements and teach with purpose.


Another Night on Earth

Another Night


Cairo, a city in the midst of revolution, has the worst traffic in the world. In endless traffic jams, passengers and taxi drivers talk and debate about their present and future, and we discover the outlooks and problems influencing a people in the midst of dramatic social change.


Alyaa: The Naked Revolutionary



Twenty-year-old Alyaa Elmahdy is undaunted by the death threats she receives from her fellow Egyptians. “I don’t care about your rules,” she tells Islamists. The furor began when Alyaa posed nude on her blog to protest the assumption that men have the right to control her behavior and her body. In a country where most women wear headscarves and females who are arrested endure routine virginity tests, Alyaa’s provocative act set off a national scandal that spread to the rest of the Arab world. The Egyptian media called her a whore who deserved to die, and while some Muslim women joined her in new protests, others denounced her. In this program, Alyaa Elmahdy talks about her life and why rebelliousness is so important to liberty. “You can overthrow a government,” she says, referring to the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, “but changing a society is a lot harder.”


Tune in next Friday to see what other films this great resource has to offer!


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