Art @ Rohrbach – Audacious Entrepreneurs

by Dale Bond

The “Bold Mamas and Audacious Entrepreneurs” exhibit

Audacious Entrepreneurs pic

Focusing in on: Audacious Entrepreneurs

Today we gaze into the world of working women in Africa. As opposed to European art, which often portrays women simply “acting pretty” (sitting and posing for the artist), African art consistently shows women performing some task, whether it’s working, taking care of children, or something else. The “Audacious Entrepreneurs” display shows this busy lifestyle of the average African woman as she heads into the market to sell her wares, or gathers water for the day, all the while taking care of the children of the household.

The artists behind this display are Albert Kata, Henry Mulenga, and Stephen Kapata. Each artist creates a vivid, buzzing scene that displays the busyness of everyday life in Africa.

Check out the whole display located behind the computers on the main floor of the library. Look for the banner announcing “Audacious Entrepreneurs,” and the following pieces: Hard Day at the Market (Kata), Killing Me Quickly (Kata), Gathering Water (Kata), Will Domestic Violence Ever Ends? (Kapata), Township Market (Mulenga), and Downtown Lusaka (Mulenga).

Want more information on each individual piece? You can find the brochure for the exhibit online here, or ask up at the library’s front desk for a printed copy with more details on each painting.


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