Art @Rohrbach – Bold Mamas

by Dale Bond

The “Bold Mamas and Audacious Entrepreneurs” Exhibit
Focusing in on: Bold Mamas


This week’s display is all about showing proud African mothers. In Africa, motherhood is the springboard which launches a young woman into official adulthood. Motherhood is more than just emotionally significant; mothers play important roles in society – economically, politically, and spiritually.

Moses Kalifu Chipoya is the artist behind most of the pieces in the Bold Mamas display. He almost exclusively paints African women, creating dreamy, fluid works of art. Despite being unable to continue schooling for very long, Chipoya has found a very successful career as a freelance artist.

These pieces, located across from the computers on the main floor of the library near room 100B, show mothers in their matrifocal societies, presented as important and powerful figures. Check out Woman Jumping Rope (purchased in Tanzanian National Museum, Dar es Salaam; artist unknown), Women Gathering Mushrooms (Chipoya), Women Pounding (Chipoya), and Time to Go Home (Chipoya).

Also check out this link for a brochure of the exhibit, or grab a printed copy at the front desk of the library for more information.

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