Insights from the Intern: Prime Study Spaces

by: Megan Neely

When I saw this post on the library’s Facebook page, I felt like the answer was totally obvious.

My favorite spot in the Rohrbach Library is at the tables in basement by the Tutoring Center because at night, you can work in total quiet and uninterrupted silence. For me, it’s become the best way to work on all of my assignments.

Several other students felt the same way about the basement. Like Jeff, a freshman, who says that he loves coming to the basement of the Library because he can always find a computer, and he can study without his roommate blasting music. Other freshmen, like Suzan and Mikaela (pictured) blog 018utilize the carrels located next to Java City. They like the privacy that the carrels provide when they are working.

Sophia Arroyo, senior psychology major, says that she enjoys sitting at the tables along the walls of the Main Collection on the main floor. She likes that there’s lots of natural light during the day when she’s working on homework and that it is a more secluded section.
blog 017Camala Nichols, sophomore Sports Management major, (pictured) prefers the convenience of room 105. She says that she’s studied in this section before and felt comfortable working here.

It’s not all work though! There are some awesome spots for some leisure reading too! Jennifer Martin, senior education major, said that she likes to read in the section across from Java City because “it’s comfortable and in-between two bookcases that have some pretty good reads on the shelves. I also like the smell of coffee that comes and goes as I relax and read.”

I can relate to this. I remember coming to the Library my sophomore year with my friend Maggie and enjoying our morning bagels and coffee on the couches by the big windows on the second floor. It was always a very peaceful space.
No matter where you like to sit and study, there are plenty of spots at the Rohrbach Library for students to enjoy.

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