Insights from the Intern (Part One)

By: Megan Neely

As an intern for the Rohrbach Library, I see a consistent stream of students coming down to the basement on the days that I am working. There is a definite cycle to the way students are using the library. In the morning, students are quicker; they’re logging onto computers to print something before class then just as fast as that document has popped out, they’re rushing back off again. As the day goes on, the students stay longer. They spend time working on their assignments on the computers, reading, or meeting up with group members to get projects done.

The thing is, it’s the same students coming in day after day, and when you look closer, it’s the same majors coming in too.  Library science (obviously-they’re based here) and education majors typically dominate in population of patronage to the ground floor; closely followed by the English and professional writing students. Over 10,000 students make up Kutztown University, so I ask this:

Where are you?

I get that everyone has their own preference when it comes to studying and if what you’re doing works for you and your academic goals then keep it up!

However, if you’re reading this and your GPA could be higher, don’t feel bad because I was the same way. Please continue to read on. The Rohrbach Library has some amazing services that I wish I had known about when I was a freshman at Kutztown.

Rohrbach Library contains over 500,000 items divided into eight collections: Archives, Bound Periodicals and Microforms, Curriculum Materials, Government Documents, Library Science, the Main Collection, Quartos and Reference.  It probably sounds really overwhelming but the good news is that you can search through all of the collections using the Rohrbach Library Online Catalog. Which makes it really easy to find the appropriate sources for a paper or a book to do some additional research the material that you’re learning in class.

computer labFrom the Rohrbach Library website, whether you’re on campus in one of the many computer labs or not, you can access over 100 databases. Through companies like EBSCOhost and Lexis-Nexus, you have a plethora of options to provide you with journal, magazine and newspaper articles, and many are in full-text format. Better yet, professional librarian assistance is available at the Research Help Desk located on the main floor in the Information Commons area. There a librarian can help you sort through the databases and the catalog to find what you’re looking for. For more in-depth assistance, you can contact a librarian directly and make an appointment.

It’s easy to see how the library can contribute to academic success, but YOU have to be the one to use it. If you’re still unsure about what the library can do for you, you’re in luck. This semester, we are creating bookmarks for departments with exclusive information about services that apply specifically to your major. Stay tuned to the library’s blog for updates and then be sure to check your department office to pick one up!


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