LibGuide: Gov. Corbett’s Proposed Budget Cuts

By Tim Ballingall

Click here to visit a LibGuide for information on PA Gov. Tom Corbett’s FY 2011-12 budget proposal and its consequences. Below are its sections and what you’ll find in each:

Gov Docs — Here you’ll find the actual PDFs of state documents. Open the proposal, comb through the numbers, read it firsthand.

Media Coverage/Opinions — Read articles from within and without the state. Read for/against and nonpartisan analysis.

Key People — Read biographical information on the governor and Charles Zogby, the Secretary of the Budget. You’ll also find the House and Senate Committee members overseeing education. Links to bios and e-mail addresses are provided.

Marcellus Shale — Discover what all the hullabaloo is about, the value of natural gas, the economic and environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing and extracting said gas, the taxation and lack thereof, and read about the voluminous campaign contributions made by oil and gas companies to PA politicians, namely the governor.

State Gov — Read background information from Stateline and NASBO to grasp a fuller understanding of PA government.

Click here to visit the PA General Assembly Web site. Search by address, county, or zip code. Know your rep. Know your senator. Know whom you need to contact to make your voice heard.


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