Sunday Edition: Who is Kevin McCallister? (Part 3 of 3)

By Tim Ballingall

Harry and Marv

We sympathize with Kevin in the first film because two criminals break in while he’s actually left home alone. He’s defending himself and his home.

In the second, he voluntarily intervenes as Harry and Marv are burglarizing Duncan’s Toy Chest. He throws a brick through the storefront window to both sound the alarm, alerting the police, and to get their attention.

He runs to his uncle’s house where he has set up a number of sadistic traps with which he hopes to torture Harry and Marv.

To state this point again, in the first film, Kevin is defending himself from the burglars; in the second film, he effectively lures the burglars to the house, putting himself on the offensive, thereby losing the audience’s sympathy.

Skeptics might question what the astronomical improbability is that Kevin and Harry and Marv might at the same time converge in NYC, passing in a crosswalk and again outside of a toy store. True. It is highly unlikely. But what if that’s the point?

With few notable exceptions, Kevin is the only person with whom Harry and Marv interact. Marv repeated snatches apparel from ice skaters without anyone noticing. When Kevin does the Macaulay Culkin scream outside Duncan’s Toy Chest, some people stop and glance, but that’s it. When Kevin is running through the streets, clearly evading these two criminal types, no one helps him. One might say facetiously, “Come on. It’s New York.” But that’s just doesn’t satisfy.

The claim of this over-analyzer is such that Harry and Marv exist only in Kevin’s imagination.

However, in the Home Alone universe, Harry and Marv are still actually real people. Marv lives a full and satisfying life as a batting coach for the Chicago Cubs. Perhaps Mr. McCallister, when he’s not booze cruising, took the family to a hometown baseball game. After all, the family lives in Chicago.

Harry, the real Harry, is a mob enforcer at a Las Vegas casino. The fourteen-person McCallister family lives in a mansion. It seems reasonable to imagine them taking a family vacation (one where Kevin actually went) to Las Vegas, and, with his superficial charm, Kevin managed to sneak into a casino.

Now the next question: How can Harry and Marv withstand impossible amounts of blunt force trauma without a broken bone, bruise, or bloodshed? The very first trap, the throwing of bricks—boom, dead. But, no. Even after falling four stories onto concrete, they are still lucid and visibly unharmed. Why?

Kevin only wants to inflict pain, not kill. And since Harry and Marv are figments of his imagination, at least, Harry and Marv, the burglars, they don’t die unless Kevin wants them to. Which he doesn’t.

Why does Kevin only want to inflict pain? Why is he so good at setting sadistic traps? We’ve clearly established that Kevin is a psychopath, but what psychopath does he grow up to be?

To find out, we must investigate the pasts of the real Harry and Marv. Prior to the Home Alone films, Marv did not do much, but Harry was involved in the conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy.

Stepping beyond the fourth wall: In Oliver Stone’s JFK, Joe Peschi played David Ferrie, a private investigator who wore a wig and fake eyebrows because of a skin disorder. In Ruby, a film telling the same story from Jack Ruby’s perspective, David Ferrie was played by none other than Tobin Bell.

Yes! It all adds up—the psychopathic tendencies, the Talkboy, the traps. Undeniable proof that Kevin McCallister is not only a psychopath but the psychopath who grows up to become Jigsaw of the Saw films!


3 Responses to “Sunday Edition: Who is Kevin McCallister? (Part 3 of 3)”

  1. 1 Karen February 27, 2011 at 3:50 pm

    Great! Totally enjoyed these! 🙂

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