Rohrbach Library Offers Databases for Criminal Justice Majors and Minors

By: Jessica Serrenti

The Rohrbach Library offers a wide variety of databases for every subject matter. Currently, there are three databases dedicated to criminal justice research. They include:

This database has comprehensive coverage of major journals in criminology, books, and access to governmental and nongovernmental agencies.

The index is the world’s most comprehensive and highest quality social research database.

The database provides full-text documents from over 5,900 news, business, legal, medical, and reference publications including the New York Times.

To access these databases, criminal justice majors can click on the database names above or visit the library’s website: Under the library’s home page, students should hover over the tab “Research Tools” with their mouse and click on “Articles and databases.” Students can then search for a database by subject, journal, or name. Off-campus students may be prompted to sign into these databases using their KU login information.

The Rohrbach Library also offers LibGuides for criminal justice majors at The guides explain how to find research materials and they include links to the databases as well.

Research librarians are available to help students.  Visit Rohrbach Library or call the Research Help Line at 610-683-4165 to talk to a librarian.



New JSTOR Resources Coming Soon

Rohrbach Library currently has nine JSTOR collections available to our KU patrons. In the near future, we will be adding collections 10-13. Here is a taste of what is coming:

JSTOR Arts and Sciences X Collection features broad coverage in Business and the Social Sciences. The Arts & Sciences X Archive and Current Collections also include titles from new JSTOR disciplines, such as Transportation Studies and Development jstorStudies. Notable titles include Social Research and Sociological Focus, Emerging Markets Finance & Trade, Natural Resources & Environment, Family Advocate, and Anti-Trust Law Journal.

Arts & Sciences XI will expand JSTOR’s coverage in the humanities, with scholarship in core fields of Language & Literature, History, and Art & Art History. Comprising a minimum of 125 titles, the collection will include important journals in Classical Studies, Architecture & Architectural History, and Music. Notable titles include The American Scholar, Bulletin of the Detroit Institute of Arts, Studies in Pre-Columbian Art and Archaeology, Journal of Moravian History, Asia Major.

Arts & Sciences XII expands our coverage of the social sciences, and comprises disciplines with high usage and broad appeal. Law, political science, and education content anchors the collection, and other titles in criminology and criminal justice, history, social work, psychology, and sociology complement JSTOR’s offerings in the social sciences. The collection will feature a minimum of 125 titles at completion, and appeals to both the academic and practitioner audiences. Notable titles include ABA Journal, Foro Italiano, Revista Chilena de Derecho, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka, and Zeitschrift fur Rechtspolitik

The Arts & Sciences XIII Collection adds an increasingly international set of journals in disciplines including Language & Literature, Art & Art History, Philosophy, and Religion. The Arts & Sciences XIII Collection also complements JSTOR content in History, Music, and Classical Studies. The collection will contain at least 125 titles by completion. Notable titles include Journal of Indian Philosophy (1970-), Gregorianum (1920-), Impressions (1976-) and Philosophische Rundschau (1953-)

For more information, contact Bob Flatley

KU Films on Demand Adds 258 New Videos

by Jessica Serrenti

The KU subscription to Films on Demand added 258 new educational streaming videos. Students can browse through the recently added videos on the sites homepage or can search by subject. The new videos include:

  • The Modern Warrior: Africa on the Move
  • Aid to Africa is Doing More Harm than Good: A Debate
  • Saving the Oceans: Shark Reef
  • Global Warming is not a Crisis: A Debate
  • Internet Research: What’s Credible?
  • Organic Food is Marketing Hype: A Debate
  • Elusive Justice
  • Prophet of Deep Ecology: David Orton
  • Freedom of Expression Must Include the License to Offend: A Debate

Click here to go to Films On Demand’s homepage for KU access. If you are off campus, you will be prompted to use your KU login to log in. If there are any questions, you can contact Bob Flatley at

Fall Open House – Information and Prize List

OpenHouse2014FlyerThe Library’s open house will take place on September 23rd from 10-4. Come explore our building and our resources and meet our librarians and staff. So far, we have over $300 in prizes including the grand prize: a Kindle Fire tablet!!!

We will have goodies and  giveaways around the library on the 23rd, and for students who complete our 10-question orientation form, there is a chance at prizes!!! The prize list is still growing, but so far it includes a Kindle Fire, a $25 gift card to our campus book store, library merchandise, and the following donated prizes from local businesses:

Participation: Anyone can participate in this event, but only KU students are eligible for the prizes. If you would like to use this event for course credit or as a student organization requirement, there will be a place on the student form for course or organization information. Once we compile all the forms, we will let you know which of your students participated. Please let us know if you will be offering/requiring participation, though. It helps us to know how many forms to print. 

Due Date: This year, students will have until Friday to turn in the orientation forms, opening up participation beyond our official open house day! This gives interested students several days to complete the questions and still have a chance at participation credit and/or the prize drawing!

For more information about our open house, please contact us: Karen Wanamaker ( or Krista Prock (

Bonus events:
Two other events are happening in the library on the same day as our open house.

  • Fast Pass to Learning – Sponsored by the Department of Academic Enrichment, Fast Pass to Learning takes place at the second floor atrium area from 10:30am-12:30pm. Students can learn some quick study tips and get some goodies.
  • Scholastic Book Fair – Sponsored by ABA, the Library Science Fraternity on campus, the Scholastic Book Fair is located near the coffee shop on the first floor. Profits from the sale support the Library Science Collection as well as ABA activities.

Library Science Students Return 50 Years Later!


Four library science graduates of the Kutztown State College Class of 1964 and one member of the Class of 1967 came to KU last week for a tour and a stroll down memory lane. Barbara Bollinger, Susan Ziegenfus, Kathryn Schaeffer, Karen Waldron, and Ann Hohe visited KU on Wednesday, June 11, 2014.

The_Library_State_Teachers_College_KutztownMany of them had never been in Rohrbach because when they attended Kutztown, the library was still in it’s former location in the building that is now the Graduate Center, which is pictured at left. (The image was retrieved from our digitized postcard collection available here.) KU librarian Susan Czerny gave the ladies a tour of Rohrbach and pulled items from our archives for them to look at and enjoy during their visit. Items included old yearbooks, photos, and other print materials from the their years at Kutztown. The pictures below show the ladies enjoying and sharing what they found in the materials. They had fun on their visit, and we would welcome them back any time.

Kutztown University is preparing to celebrate 150 years in 2016. As we lead up to that celebration, we will post more information about the wonderful items located in our archives. If you have any photos or memorabilia that you would like to donate to the archives from your time or a family member’s time at Kutztown (whether it be from the Normal School, State Teacher’s College or University years), please contact Susan Czerny (610-683-4174) for more information.


What Haven’t You Read?

Summer break is in full swing, and some of us use this time to tackle a summer reading list.  Is there a book you’ve tried to read, again and again, but have never managed to get through?  Are you trying to read certain books just because you feel obligated to read them?

Dr. Colleen Clemens, a literary scholar at KU, has written a blog post about the books she hasn’t read.  Check it out and think about the reasons you have for reading (or not reading) the “great books.” What do you learn from them, and what do you learn from important books that aren’t in the canon (yet)?

Related:  this NYTimes article discusses warning students about the content of books in the Western canon.

Sharing the Love & Influence of Reading

Hey KU, what are YOU reading? Let’s share. Contact us if you want to share information about your own reading that might spark an interest in others. :) I would love to feature a blog series starting next fall that shares what faculty (and maybe students and staff if we find the interest) at KU are reading. What insights are you gaining from your choice of READ blog imagebooks? How does it influence your choices both in and out of the classroom?

If I’ve sparked your interest, contact me (Karen Wanamaker) with a book or two that you would like to share so that I can start a list of posts for next year.

Need inspiration? Dr. Colleen Clemens shares one of her latest reading experience here at her own blog.

You can do it. We can do it. We can share the love and influence of reading.


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